A look at another Project

Now, I am going to keep developing the presentation of my Breeze App concept, but I am also dedicating some of my free time this summer to another project I want to share with this blog.

You can read all about it here: http://frontier.lincoln.ac.uk/3d/blog/

Basically, this is a personal project I started over a year ago to take advantage of the relatively new WebGL specification. Hardware accelerated interactive graphics running in a HTML5 web browser (providing you have some hardware graphics in your computer – most do).

My aim is to recreate my BA project in native web programming languages using the Three.js JavaScript framework.

Progress is slow because there is huge amount of work involved in creating anything in 3D let alone the process of modelling, texturing (skinning), exporting, importing, recreation of mesh in code and then passing everything to the render engine for playback of speeds up to 60fps:


The reason I am sharing this is because it does show what is possible in the browser now and recently, one of two massive drawbacks in terms of support has just been removed as Microsoft announce that it WILL support WebGL in Internet Explorer 11.

Apple are still not shifting on their decision not to support WebGL in their Mobile Safari browser despite the browser having the capability to handle it very well (available only to the iAds platform).

The blog itself hasn’t been updated with the recent progress I’ve made, but I plan to bring it up to date as soon as I get time, because right now, I’ve been asked to work on something else…

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