Anti-gravity Racer Model Update

I have finished the bulk of the modelling using my newly acquired knowledge of hard surface modelling. There are still a few minor alterations and additions such as the cockpit canopy (which will be a separate model anyway), the addition of some chassis large details (ones that can not be added via painting) and the two halves the model need stitching together and both low and high versions ready for baking/texture painting.

Anyway, I thought I would share some renders of the model from poignant perspectives:

render7 render8 render9 render10

I am quite happy with how the model looks. There is still room for improvement. I am not too happy about the pointiness of the canopy. It will look softer when the actual glass canopy model has bee added but I think this is the weak point of the design. From most angles the proportions seem right and after texturing I know this will look good.

I could continue to finesse the model and the proportions but this model is only so I can practice my modelling skills and my painting/surface design skills. As a canvas for painting. It is ready and I am happy.