LSM Academy Website: Activity – Technical Workshop Page Design

As promised yesterday, I have completed a design for one of the ‘sections’ of the LSM Academy website.

Below is the final design concept for how a technical workshop entry could look. This is an example of one of the activities the Academy might offer:


As usual, there is a WIP entry on Behance for this project with some revision history:

This page’s main purpose is to provide the details of the workshop including practical details such as date, time, duration, location & instructor as well as a description of the activity, a very simple learning outcomes style of descriptor, any resources suitable for hosting on the page (useful for those who couldn’t make it or those in need of a recap).

However the biggest function this page will play is act as the location where a potential student of the activity will sign up, providing they are singed in of course.

How the website handles signed up for activities from both the student and staff’s perspective will be evident soon when I design those processes.

Other features to note include the ‘badges’ – which will be a form of reward and incentive scheme starting with virtual rewards but could grown to include real ones!

Also, a nice feature of linking any relevant discussions or requests for help to a workshop entry gives them more visibility and they could be used in the workshop itself as a case study. This process of linking will be also become more evident when I designed the various posting processes for the community aspects of the project.

Next I plan to tackle the dashboard design for a student user and an instructor, but that won’t be for at least 2 weeks as I’m having a holiday 🙂

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