Subway Fun Finder – Presentation of Work using Motion Graphics Case Study

Previously we’ve looked in-depth at an example of concept presentation hosted on Behance (Nextr – Presentation of Work Case Study).

One of the most convincing aspects that this project should exist came in the form of the supporting video (section 2 in the analysis).  Its designers used a combination of very advanced design / animation / interaction without having the final product actually working. It also included real world video footage to connect to the user and the types of situation this app could be used:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 08.55.54

The problem is, most projects won’t have the resources to get this far along before their projects are either accepted for funding or in principle for education projects, but video demonstrations are an excellent way to present your concepts key features and engage your audience.

There is a solution. With a little help from AfterEffects you can demonstrate your app interface using motion graphics. You can take this as far as you have time / resources to do so.

Obviously to consider this as a viable option you need to have your app’s identity in place, some interface designs and be good at creating / animating graphics, but it is an excellent alternative to compositing real video footage (which, if not shot correctly can instantly make your project look unprofessional) with graphical animations of your interfaces / app.

Take a look at how Subway Fun Finder manages to demonstrate its proposed functionality before the product has actually been created.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 08.35.55

In this example, nothing has been created apart from the identity, a couple of interface designs (crudely animated) and a bunch of graphical elements that are used to provide context, e.g. the buildings / structures of a real city and icons that represent the establishments the project would cover.

I’m not for a moment going to pretend this is easy to achieve, and this example in particular is extremely well produced, but many of you reading this will have the skills to at least consider this an option.