AGP: Web Design – Week 2


For this week’s assignment, be sure to do the following on your own:

  • Identify your site goals and target audience.
  • Sketch a site map and then translate it into an Adobe Muse site map.
  • Add text, images and links to one of the pages in your Adobe Muse site.

Then post your response to the prompt below as your Class 2 assignment. If you’d like, you can upload a picture of your site map sketch or a screenshot of your site map or work-in-progress page design, but this is not required.

Full Response




After careful deliberation around a suitable website to develop for this course, I have elected to redevelop an existing project I created with Muse last year. I have also started creating the visual content for the redeveloped version of this site for my AGP Graphics & Illustration course. This means I can start quite quickly with the redevelopment and focus more on the structure at this early stage.

Juvo is a website I created for my partner’s business that is centred around advertising her services as an animal behaviour consultant, with specific focus on canine behaviour. Its current incarnation can be found here:

The idea around redeveloping it is to make it much more visual to accommodate advice that is soon-to-be-added to the site. The current design is just not flexible to support the potential influx of visuals. Therefore, a new design, layout and structure is going to have to be created. That’s where this project comes in:

What are the goals for your site?
To allow the client to advertise their services and communicate advice around the subject of canine behaviour. Although there is currently a site in place, a new direction is required to accommodate advice that needs to be presented in a visual and engaging manner.

What do you know about your target audience?
Although potentially anyone who owns (or cares for) a dog could benefit from the information on the site, the primary target audience are male and female adults aged between 18 – 60. This potentially creates issues of disparity between the lower and higher ends of the audience in terms of experience using the web.

Because of the nature of the proposed advice, children old enough to be left alone with pets should also be able to access, understand and engage with the content. This means that the site needs to appeal to both adults and children. A potential tall order. My approach is going to be simple visuals that look fun but are not cartoon in style. They are to be taken seriously.

How might you address your audience’s needs in your site map and content strategy?
In terms of the structure of the site, there is a relatively low amount of content to communicate, therefore the structure is very simple. The largest section (Advice) will be a scrolling effect page to help maximise engagement.

I have proposed two Master pages, one for standard site content, and the other for a long, scrolling page of the Advice section. This should ensure consistency across the functional business-oriented pages, whilst allow a bit more creative freedom with the Advice section.

I have uploaded the site so anyone who’s interested can check it out and interact with it! You can find it here: