Demonstration of Composition Methodologies

During a lecture today by a colleague, I learned about about how to represent the physical adjustments that happen regarding perspective distortion, something which I was familiar but had never tried to implement. He also touched on compositional basics which clearly demonstrated to the students how to approach framing narrative driven shots or illustrations.

He wrote a brief for all level 2 students in their workshop this week to undertake. The details of the brief were to create a scene in photoshop, taking into consideration the “rule of thirds”. The scene was to portray an “epic journey”. Within this we were to demonstrate appropriate positioning of objects (relative to the narrative) while demonstrating an understanding in how perspective distortion works.

We (staff and students) had an hour to create our scenes using just Photoshop and basic brushes/imagery.

I didn’t have an hour as I had my class to attend to, so I assigned myself half an hour and the above is what I came up with…