Experiment 2 – Branding

I do like to dabble in branding and identity. I’m no expert, but I know what is appropriate and how to create it. True, my solutions may not always be the most creative in the world but this isn’t my main skill area.

I will post more on branding and identity including resources that I really want to share with those who are interested in this particular area of design. It’s a subject that fascinates me so I’m going to have a go at creating a name for my product (the weather app) and a logo which will hopefully serve as the identity for the product.

There are various processes which different designers like to adhere to when creating branding for a brief but because the brief for this experiment was the creation of interface designs (and maybe an animation presenting the concept clearer), branding, whilst still important, takes a bit of a back seat in terms of priorities especially considering I don’t want to assign too much of my time to this project.

Therefore I am not going to document the process here (because it was rushed). I will save that for when I document the process properly. I am simply going to talk you through the branding I came up with.

The Name

All good products require a name and I can’t keep referring to this project as ‘Experiment 2’.

I wanted a name that reflected the clean, crisp, airy feel and approach to the interface designs but, as with my project, I didn’t want something too abstract. It had to be related to the subject area of weather but not use the word ‘weather’.

I decided to try using a term used to describe the weather and that… er… didn’t go too well (I’ll spare you the bad suggestions here for the sake of brevity). But all of a sudden it hit me:Breeze. It works on so many levels. It suggests crisp and airy. It also suggests that the app will be easy to use and finally, it’s a word relative to the weather. Ok so it may be a little obvious but it fits the bill and is only a single, short word. Perfect for creating an appropriate identity.


The same brief is required for how the branding will be presented.

I decided to use the typeface I had used for the Interface designs to keep everything connected and create an associated image to go with the text.

Incidentally, the font is called ‘Text Me One’ and is available to download and use on web pages from Google Web Fonts.

To be honest it was very simple to create and I quickly visualised how I wanted to portray breeze in my head before jumping straight onto the computer. Normally you would put a lot more effort in than go with your first idea, but, as previously mentioned, this project is a quickie.

Here is the final result anyway:

A presentation of the logo in abstract from all other design elements. This is a perfect way to present your banding in its own right. Obviously the branding also needs showing against any design work to which it will appear on or next to.

The colours match those found in the interface designs and I imagine this would be used for the loading screen for the app. In fact, I could animate the little ‘swirls’ to unravel as it loads. That might look nice. Or nasty. Only one way to find out!



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