Tools for Planning & Producing your Projects

I have just stumbled across “Damn You Art School“, a website hosting links to tools (some free, others not) to help during the planning and initial production stages of design & digital projects.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 22.07.11

Their short mission statement:

Apps, Tools, and Resources creative professionals use to improve Productivity & Creativity. For everything they never taught you in art school. And other cool stuff.

I haven’t used all of the tools featured on the site but others I have and will showcase some of the more appropriate tools in time.

Also, I’m not quite sure how choosing a header for the different industries affects the tools on offer (maybe changes the order of prominence?)

One tool I’m surprised they missed off (unless I missed it) is Pop, an app that allows you to demonstrate a menu driven project for iOS (and Android soon) by taking photos of your interface designs and linking them together to create a demo of how your app might work.

Either way, there’s some great tools there for your design and digital projects so check it out! Thank you to Smashing Magazine (another great resource) for bringing that to my (and by proxy; your) attention.

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