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I decided to publish Breeze on Behance, a creative network for all aspects of art & design. What I particularly like about Behance is the clean, professional looks it gives to your projects and you can publish a “Work In Progress” just to get feedback. You can then follow up with a “revision” to show how you’ve applied feedback. This proves the usefulness of this process and when we are asking you (students) to undertake this process for aspects of your work, particularly user interface design, we are not just out to create more work for you!

Below is a screen grab from the Behance portfolio project I created for Breeze. On it you can post images, videos and text. More importantly however you can see how many people have looked at it, how many have appreciated it and left comments. There are also many tools to help you promote your project on social networks.

Behance Portfolio Project Display

Promotion, feedback and networking go hand-in-hand so I urge you to get registered on one of the digital/design promotion networks such as Behance. There are quite a few out there.

Others include: Deviant ArtCoroflot and Krop. There’s a list here that suggests even more. I wouldn’t recommend creating an account on all of them because you’ll have to remember to update them all each time you add or amend a project. I suggest choosing 2 or 3 that seem best suited to your type of work (or opposite ends of the spectrum if you produce diverse work) and updating them often. There’s nothing worse than having to submit 5 projects at a time… they can’t possible all get the attention they deserve!

There are also other resources for general project level feedback including usability issue identification, user testing and collaboration. This collection explores most of the popular ones.

I will cover more in my next posts on this subject where I plan to, start at least, discuss methods of presenting your work.

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