Unreal Engine Latest Work – Office Realisation

After my AGP Inspired Game Engine re-vamp I really enjoyed experimenting with the Unreal Game Engine trying to achieve as near-as-perfect photorealism as I could. I decided I would rework my office only this time, add the sort of level of detail one would actually find in there.

I started off by┬áresetting the room’s wall back to pure white and attempting to model the blind:




This created some shadow detail on the rear wall/door. Most of the props (such as the door, door frame, bookcase, lamps, plants and door handle) were borrowed from my Living Room scene. I could also modify the radiator (and associated components) to include in the scene… and did:



Finally, I modelled a load of extra detail assets such as the wire for the lamp, power socket, plug and window components until I was happy with the basic structure of the scene:





The room is a little darker now I have so much stuff in front of the window light source, but I am happy with the basic level of detail. I will strive to start adding the smaller details such as stuff in/on the bookcase, pictures on the wall and a computer on the desk.

Please note, the black office chair was borrowed from an existing scene called Berlin Flat – which is free to download from the Epic Marketplace.