AGP: Publishing – Week 1

I started the Adobe Generations Pro course in Publishing this week. As with the previous AGP courses, I am not participating necessarily to learn new skills, more to understand better how online learning works and to gain recognition for the skills I already have. That said, I could do with brushing up my existing InDesign skills as well as the motivation to learn about the digital publishing platform in the newer versions. There will also be the obvious benefit of having yet more projects to add to my growing portfolio of design work.


Create a simple layout in InDesign for a presentation about food. This might be a food you love, your favorite meal to cook, a great restaurant experience, a cocktail you enjoy, or something else. If food is not of interest to you, choose a different theme.

Using InDesign, create a PDF document that contains text and images only. Separate the information on the slides and the script. Ensure that the fonts used are appropriate for the presentation. Create no more than five slides and follow the video tutorial by Lukas Enqvist.

Publish your PDF and share your work. Attach your PDF to the assignment post.

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As I am no photographer, and because quite a few assignments have used stock photos, I decided to visualise my love of Chinese food with graphic imagery created in Illustrator. This way I get to be creative, use my existing skills and hopefully meet the criteria of the brief.

I would at this point like to apologise to any of you who are Chinese (or can read/write it) but I used Google translate to obtain the appropriate characters and meaning. Accuracy is bound to be an issue, as too is the lack of characters from the typeface I used within InDesign. I love how the language looks so the visual style of the graphics was created in such a way that it complimented the amazing form of the characters from the simplified translation. Please feel free to correct me and I will endeavour to update the file.

I enjoyed using InDesign to create the master layout and apply the graphics and text consistently. It’s product I use quite often but have never taken much time to understand what all the tools do or what is possible with an enhanced knowledge of its feature set. I am hoping to learning more about the software as this course progresses.