Digital Market Research Analysis

When you are conducting research for potential projects that require commercial/industry feasibility, you sometimes need to consider obtaining current market conditions, statistics and predictions.

One such resource for this activity is Econsultancy:


Now this is not a free resource. It’s mainly targeted at medium-to-large companies with their own dedicated R&D departments or to inform consultants who then disseminate their knowledge to wider audiences, BUT they do publish summaries and a few free pages of each report.

For example, today a report was published on Econsultancy that looks at Mobile Commerce.

The full report is £450, which is a lot, but for University production and R&D projects, the information contained in the summary and free PDF sample might just well be enough to justify your project’s / product’s existence and provide you with some nice stats and graphs.

For example: Did you know that more than 50% of the UK population now owns a smartphone and some sites receive more than 30% of traffic from mobile devices?

Neither did I until I looked the report sample!

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