AGP: Publishing – Week 2


Create a music concert poster in InDesign using images and text. Choose any subject, from your favorite band or composer to a musician visiting your town. Use images and text to create a visually arresting design. When you’re done, print the poster and take a photo of yourself holding it, and then submit the photo. Or you can simply post the exported PDF.


This was a great assignment but unfortunately it came during a very busy week and as a result I wasn’t able tor realise my original proposal of creating a series of posters (one for each of the 4 cities mentioned in my actual poster) and create some kind of visual device to connect them.

Instead, I composited each of the locations into a single poster and picked the most iconic buildings to help visualise the fact this a multi-city festival. The fact I had to compromise with a continental, as opposed to local, theme meant there is very little Jazz & Blues imagery but I hope I have selected the fonts and presented the imagery in a style that could be associated with this particular type of music.

Another slightly disappointing aspect on my behalf is that I didn’t print my poster out as the brief suggested. Because this submission does not really do my proposed concept justice, I decided not to waste paper and ink until a point where I would be happy with the response. I may revisit this during the summer as I really want to explore my original theme.