AGP: Publishing – Week 3


Create a magazine article/spread that explains a key point, idea or issue to your students. Select something they often struggle with or you continually re explain. Use visual hierarchy, images, info-graphics and pull out with facts.


When teaching game engines to students, the thing they most want to do and frequently struggle with is understand how to create realistic looking environments. The key to this is to understand how light and materials work together to create believable interactions between them. My sample magazine spread explains this (or would explain if I had more space and time) in a (hopefully) visually engaging and professional way.

I have used examples of my own work to illustrate the theme of the article. I think a PDF eZine would be a great way to present this subject because of the rich visuals required to explain and demonstrate it. A web wiki or tutorial page wouldn’t do this type of topic and content any justice.

Creating the spread was fun although not particularly challenging. It was nice to use the Digital Publishing option which is really excellently implemented into InDesign. The resulting online PDF is also excellent and I look forward to Adobe developing this feature further.